a modern alphabet birthday party for holden

Phew, parties sure are a lot of work, aren’t they? Some parties are a lot of work and don’t pay off [i.e. our zombie party circa 2009] but this party was FUN! We just had family over. Just family with us is almost 25 people so I’m sure you can imagine it gets a little crazy–but crazy is fun sometimes, right?

Let’s start with the decorations.

I had so much fun with the food. I didn’t make everything I wanted but Saturday I had a “if I don’t have time to do it–whatever” mentality which worked out nice so I didn’t stress.

I made a little smash cake for holden. I wasn’t sure how he would take to it but I was hoping it would go crazy and get it all over himself. This, however, was not the case. He sure looked cute, though!

He started to warm up to it a little…getting his fingers in the icing…

After a bit I took action and smashed his hand it in to get him really started…he seemed to be going for it!

But alas, this child does not like his hands dirty. He was trying to shake off the cake/icing onto the floor and was not having it after that.

holden opened a present or two but thankfully we had plenty of kids to help him open presents. he got so many great things! we have very thoughtful and giving family members–thanks guys!!

GiGi got holden that vet clinic above [from target]. he LOVES to open the doors and play with the different tools. it just so happened that mr. monkey needed a check-up during the party so thank goodness Dr. Asher was there!

We have the best family. I love them dearly and am so happy most could be there! Even our newest member, L, showed up!

It was so so much fun but I am glad it’s over. I think next year I might scale back a bit๐Ÿ˜‰ You learn a lot from the 1st birthday party, I think.

Thanks to Samantha from Papermints for doing such a great job on the banner, food labels, and cupcake toppers!

Thanks to Lori & Julie, my fabulous and talented sisters, for taking the pictures!

Thanks to my mom, Lori, and Allan for helping me set everything up and Jeff for helping us move a thing or two!

Thanks to Lori for helping me decorate the smash cake. It’s a tradition between me & her to decorate our kids’ birthday cakes together. Started a few years back and we’ve had some interesting results…

And thanks to my mom for icing the cupcakes. Didn’t she do a great job?!

-Little Wife Power House

This post is linked to Not JUST A Housewife’s linky party. Party theme originally found here.

9 thoughts on “a modern alphabet birthday party for holden

  1. Stephanie Stasa

    Soooooo Cute! You did a great job! I love the milk and cookie shooters and the blue and green theme! It look awesome! I do agree with you that birthday party planning is exhausting! 25 people is alot! We had 35 I think at Pup’s first (I have 9 brothers and sisters and my husband has 11, so fmaily parties are huge!). I was SO tierd at the end!:) I hope that you and Holden have time to recover and play with all his great stuff!:) Happy First Birthday Holden!

    1. thelwph Post author

      Thank you, Stephanie!! The milk ‘n’ cookie shooters were my favorite! Phew, you guys have a HUGE family! Allan has 7 sisters, 1 brother, and I have 5 brothers and sisters. Big but not as big as yours! I loved it though–I love having a huge family. I just barely cleaned most of it last night so I definitely took some time to recover. Thanks for your sweet comments! I always love hearing from you:)

  2. mdanderson89

    Oh my goodness! How could I miss this party? I hope I can be there for the second birthday at least. He is so huge these days, and I love your pictures and the adorable ideas. Super cute!

    1. thelwph Post author

      We missed ya, Dash. I hope you’re there for his 2nd birthday party, too–however, Allan says he will plan it so we’ll be lucky if there’s even a cake!๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for all your sweet compliments!


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