Weekly Menu

Hello again! I’ve been tired and not 100% on my game the last few months so blogging has been a thing of the past…and Menu Monday? Forgetaboutit. I haven’t been grocery shopping so therefore no cooking therefore no need for planning! But I’m feeling back on my game so Menu Monday Tuesday is back this week!

  • Monday: went to the Ft Worth zoo so we ate at Uno’s Pizza* for lunch [delicious! totally recommend the place.]
  • Tuesday: tacos [ground beef, lettuce, cheese, fried tortillas], corn
  • Wednesday: Rosa’s with the family
  • Thursday: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken*
  • Friday: Cheesy Vegetable Chowder*
  • Saturday: eating out or left overs

Hopefully this will continue and I’ll get back to my normal wifely duties of cooking dinner. Can’t wait to find new recipes to try!

*tried before and loved the recipe

-Little Wife Power House

3 thoughts on “Weekly Menu

    1. thelwph Post author

      Yay! please keep going! The hawaiian chicken thing is one of my favorites too [hence the reason I cook it ALL THE TIME!] Please keep it up because I totally want to see your recipes every week!!

  1. Alexandria Gray

    Try using cilantro instead of lettuce on your tacos, and adding a squirt of fresh lime juice. It’s amazing!


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