Menu Monday

When I would plan my weekly menus before, I would really focus on just dinner. I found that it left me wondering every day what I would do for breakfast/lunch. This last week I took the extra time to go ahead and plan out each meal and let me tell you, it saved me a headache every day. It does take more time at the beginning of each week but I feel like it’s worth it. Each family is different though so plan as you see fit and know that you can always deviate from your plan [and I often do!!]

  • Monday: [b] leftover cinnamon rolls* from Sunday morning, [l] leftover mini corn dog muffins* from Saturday night, [d] hamburgers, chips
  • Tuesday: [b] Chick Fil A–ours is doing a free chicken biscuit every Tuesday in May!, [l] grilled cheese & chips, [d] tacos
  • Wednesday: [b] chocolate chip pancakes* I froze last week & eggs, [l] Firehouse Subs–kids eat for free every Wednesday!, [d] spaghetti & garlic bread
  • Thursday: [b] oatmeal or blueberry muffins, [l] PB&Js, [d] chicken spaghetti* from the freezer & corn
  • Friday: [b] cereal, [l] leftover chicken spaghetti, [d] sloppy joe’s* & green beans
  • Saturday: [b] homemade donuts, [l] going out to eat, [d] chicken teriyaki I didn’t pull out of the freezer last week–see, I deviate from my plan!

If you’re a planner or a list maker such as myself, meal planning makes life so much easier. It might be hard to get into the habit, but I promise, you’ll thank yourself later! Enjoy!

*tried and loved the recipe!

-Little Wife Power House

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