Menu Monday

Yikes, I’ve been really bad at blogging. That’s okay though. I don’t like to blog unless I want to because I don’t want it to come across as fake or boring or whatever the case may be. So that means I obviously haven’t felt like blogging {not surprising at 9 mos pregnant} but at least I’m sticking to one thing {mostly for myself!} and that is menu monday! Here we go.

  • Monday: [b] cinnamon toast, [l] hot dogs, [d] baked penne with chicken + broccoli
  • Tuesday: [b] breakfast burritos–making a TON and freezing as many as possible, [l] PB+J with chips, [d] enchilada lasagna
  • Wednesday: [b] pancakes–freezing whatever is leftover, [l] out to eat, [d] santa fe soup with corn chips
  • Thursday: [b] oatmeal, [l] quesadillas, [d] chicken spaghetti–doubling the recipe and freezing some
  • Friday: [b] cereal or Chick-Fil-A, [l] out to eat, [d] pizza grilled cheese–really good, really easy, really cheap!
  • Saturday: [b] cinnamon rolls, [l] + [d] whatever we feel like–it’ll be our last Saturday before baby girl comes!

So there we have it. August is going to be so crazy with a new baby but awesome in the cooking department in that I won’t have to like at all! Our grocery bill has been a little higher the last few months but next month it will be next to zero. I love that. Happy menu planning!

-Little Wife Power house

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